Regional Homeless Court (RHC)
Have no outstanding felony warrants or pending felony cases.
No charges with a mandatory sentencing provision.
No prior convictions for a violent and/or sex offense.
No charges where a victim has invoked their rights.
Have an eligible offense:  RHC can resolve tickets incurred in Maricopa County Municipal or Justice of the Peace jurisdictions.
Applicant must be finished (or almost finished) with program requirements.
Must have some income (employment or benefits), or have applied for benefits, be actively looking for employment or preparing to look for employment.
Be in regular contact with their assigned case manager or program and be in compliance with program requirements.
Case manager must believe that the applicant is no longer “living a homeless lifestyle” and is not likely to be arrested for these types of “quality of life” offenses.
Areas Served:
All limited jurisdictions in Maricopa County.
Originated with Tempe, Glendale, and Phoenix Municipal Courts and is currently servicing all Municipal and Justice Courts. 
RHC’s goal is to resolve outstanding minor misdemeanor, victimless offenses and warrants for homeless individuals who demonstrate commitment to end their homelessness. 
       General RHC referrals and program procedures:
Qualified community providers advise homeless individuals that RHC is a way to address outstanding warrants and certain unresolved court matters.
The provider submits an application to the RHC on behalf of the applicant once the applicant has been accepted into a provider program (providers have different program requirements but most include sobriety, housing, treatment, counseling, progress towards employment and community service hours.
RHC receives the application and refers charges to appropriate Municipal/Justice Courts in Maricopa County for approval.
If approved, the cases are scheduled to be heard in RHC, once the applicant has met the program requirements.
The applicant comes to RHC with their case manager and reports on their program participation.
If appropriate, the Judge quashes relevant warrants, fines and fees in exchange for completed community service hours.
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