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Board Members
Maricopa County Arizona, Family courts, DUI Ct, Drug Ct, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Court, Services, Veteran's Court, Homeless Services, Probate Ct., Mental Health Services, Accountability Court, Status Offender Court, Child Support, Illegal Drugs, Juvenile Transfer Offender Program
                                       Colin Campbell

A graduate of the University of Arizona Law School in 1977, Colin served 17 years
on the Maricopa County Superior Court, some of those as the presiding judge.  He
practices law at the Osborn Maledon law firm and his practice areas are:
commercial litigation; criminal defense; and alternative dispute resolution.  He is
Chairman of the Board.

                                                  Barry Schneider
A 1968 graduate of St. Johns University School of Law, Barry served 21 years on the
Maricopa County Superior Court, some of them as the civil presiding judge.  He was
part of the initial pilot project involving settlement conferences and related alternative
dispute resolution procedures in the Court.  He  currently  practices as a mediator
and arbitrator.

                                                   Mike Manning

A 1977 graduate of Washburn University Law School, Mike is a commercial litigator
listed for many years in The Best Lawyers in America and Southwest Superlawyers. 
He practices law at the Stinson Morrison Hecker law firm in the areas of:  Antitrust;
Business Litigation; and Governance, Risk, and Compliance.

                                                     David Tierney

David is a 1965 graduate of Harvard Law School and has been a commercial
litigator listed for many years in The Best Lawyers in America and Southwest
Superlawyers.  He practices law at the Sacks Tierney law firm and serves as a
mediator and arbitrator in commercial and construction law disputes. He is the
Secretary-Treasurer of the Board.

                                                  Mitch Gutierrez

Mitch is an executive banker at National Bank of Arizona, managing the banking and
financing relationships for busy professionals and executives. He has 18 years in the
banking industry and has been a Rotary Club member in recent years.

                                                   Ryan Bastman

Ryan is the Director of Purchasing and Facilities for the Southwest Network of
Phoenix, a non-profit corporation. Southwest has 14 adult and child behavioral health
clinics and is the largest provider-network organization.  Ryan has a degree in hotel
management and has worked in sales and HR positions, particularly regarding
recruitment, branding and advertising.

                                             Carey Snyder Hyatt

Carey received her law degree from St. Johnís University in New York. During her 20
years as a judicial officer, Carey presided over several of Maricopa Countyís
Problem Solving Courts, including the Adult Drug Court, DUI Court, Domestic
Violence Court, Comprehensive Mental Health Court, and the Family Drug Court.
She has also served on several state-wide committees during her career, including
the Committee on the Impact of Domestic Violence and the Courts and the Az
Association of Drug Court Professionals, to which she served as President for the
2015-2016 term.

                                                  Robin Hoskins

Robin is a faculty associate at Az State University in the School of Social Work and
a Board member of the Az Association of Drug Court Professionals. She has helped
create many of the problem solving courts currently in practice at the Maricopa
County Superior Court including the Spanish language DUI Court, Veterans Court,
the Juvenile Transferred Offender Court, and the Family Treatment Court. Robin is a
licensed counselor and has worked in the court system for 30 years.

                                                Angela DeMarse

Angela is a criminal defense attorney in the Specialty Court Unit of the Maricopa
County Office of the Public Defender.  She represents clients in the Juvenile
Transfer Offender Program and Veterans Court.  Angela has a bachelorís degree in
Molecular Cellular Biology and a law degree from the University of Arizona.  She co-
founded the Coconino County chapter of Girls on the Run in 2007 and has worked
with youth involved in the criminal justice system for the past 12 years.