Drug Court
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Guilty of drug possession or drug use offenses or cimes like motivated by drug use (not sales);
Eligible for standard probation supervision;
Need for substance abuse treatment;
Need for drug monitoring;
Criminogenic Risk Factors must score medium-high or high risk
No violent criminal history;
No underlying significan SMI issues that will impede them from successfully completing the program.
Areas Served:
Specific zip codes in east, west and central Maricopa County (77 total).
Drug Court is a non-adversafial program that utilizes a team approach to break the cycle of substance abuse and addiction.  Therough intensive treatment, drug testing and frequent court intervention, probationers are given the tools to lead a clean, sober and crime-free lifestyle.
Additional Information:
Drug Court includes a special program for Veterans which provides collaboration with the VA to coordinate services and includes a Mentoring Program.
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