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Family Treatment Court
Family Treatment Court (FTC)

       http://www.superiorcourt.maricopa.gov/MediaRelationsDepartment/docs/annual-report- 2016.pdf

      An open and/or a self-referral process.  The focus is on dependency cases with substance                   
    involved parent(s) of minor children.

Areas Served:

      All of Maricopa County

Mission: Family Treatment Court (FTC) is designed to improve opportunities for success to a
parent(s) who have dependency court involvement due to allegations of substance abuse.  FTC is
voluntary and available to parents who self-refer or have been referred by their Dependency Judge
to observe a hearing. Parent participation is to occur within the first 6 months of the case. The
parent is to be actively engaged in substance abuse treatment and recommended parenting
services. Court-supervised drug treatment improves success in gaining and maintaining sobriety. 
The FTC program helps parents overcome their active substance use and move forward with a
sober, healthy lifestyle. The courtís goal is for the parents to be able to successfully care for their
children to support family reunification. The program involves frequent hearings before a judge who
works to help motivate and provide accountability to parents as they travel on their journey to
sobriety. Participants are also screened and offered trauma therapy, where appropriate.