Juvenile Transferred Offender Program
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Areas Served:
All of Maricopa County
The purpose of the specialized Youthful Offender caseload is to provide high risk offenders under the age of 21 with enhanced supervision by and officer who possesses expertise in coordinating the specialized services needed by this unique population.
Additional Information:
Due to the high recidivism rates of this group, in June 2011, the JTOP population was chosen to participate in a pilot program based upon Hawaii's successful Project Hope.  The pilot program (Project SAFE) targets drug abuse, and imposes swift consequences for any instances of use.  Due  to the success of this pilot, Project SAFE continues.
Client is age 14-21, violent or repeat offender;
High risk/high needs based on Offender Screening Tool (poor educational / vocational skills, limited financial resources, multi-generation involvement in the criminal justice system and high level of family dysfunction);
The offense was committed prior to juvenile's eighteenth birthday or the sentencing occurred prior to juvenile's eighteenth birthday.
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