Strategic Approaches  and Innovative Responses
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Nationally, Problem Solving Courts were developed as an innovative response to deal with offenders’ problems, including drug abuse, mental illness and domestic violence.  Superior Court in Maricopa County opened their first Problem Solving Court in 1992 with one of the first Adult Drug Courts in the nation.  Since then, 13 other Problem Solving Courts have emerged in Superior Court, with more on the horizon.  These courts are implemented for adults, youth and families across the court departments, including criminal, mental health, family and juvenile court.  These courts seek to address the specific needs and problems of those entering the justice or child welfare systems that cannot be adequately addressed in more traditional court settings and seek to promote outcomes that benefit not only the offender, but the victim and society as well.
Judges take a more hands-on approach to addressing problems and changing behaviors of program participants;
Working with external partners to achieve certain goals (e.g. developing partnerships with mental health providers, Veteran's Administration, Child Welfare agencies and community substance abuse treatment agencies);
Court practices and program partners take on roles or processes not common in traditional courts (e.g. less adversarial than traditional criminal justice processing);
Use of screening and assessment tools to identify appropriate individuals for programs and to determine early identification of potential candidates;
Ongoing supervision and drug testing to promote participant accountability;
Strategic approach to incentives and sanctions for program compliance and non- compliance;
Some of the key elements of all Problem Solving Courts include:
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