Veterans Court
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Persons on standard probation who have previoulsy served in the US Military, including active duty National Guard and Reserve;
Eligible for VA services or upgraded to VA eligibility;
Medium-high or high risk according to the Offender Screening Tool or Field Reassessment Offender Screening Tool.
An interagency collaborative effort focused on veterans in the criminal justice system. Goal is to address substance abuse, mental health and life issues, improve access to VA services and benefits, thus reducing recidivism and promoting desistance.
Additional Information:
Six specialized caseloads with one supervisor are now in place, with the ability to handle up to 360 Veteran Officers;
Veterans Court is an individualized court plan system.  All parties (VA, RBHA, APD, CA, PD and commissioner) will discuss each defendant's case to determine the individualized plan for success.  Status hearings will be conducted regularly to review each case and check on the defendant's progress.
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