Friends of the Court, Inc. was created as a charitable corporation that seeks to support the work
         of the "Specialty / Problem Solving Courts" of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

This corporation also seeks to:

facilitate public involvement in the form of sponsorship and support of individuals and families involved in the recovery phase of Drug Court or Dependency Court;

support, maintain and enhance facilities and equipment used in various programs;

provide service delivery and programmatic functioning of Drug Court, Family Court, Veterans Court, Mental Health Court and other Problem Solving Court programs.

Purpose and Mission
Maricopa County Arizona, Family courts, DUI Ct, Drug Ct, Domestic Violence, Juvenile Court, Services, Veteran's Court, Homeless Services, Probate Ct., Mental Health Services, Accountability Court, Status Offender Court, Child Support, Illegal Drugs, Juvenile Transfer Offender
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Occasionally, funds may be granted or awarded for the benefit of other charitable organizations incorporated as 501(c)(3) tax exempt entities that are dedicated to the purposed and objectives of this organization.   Below is an example of how donations are distributed to the Courts participating in these programs.
These funds will assist Problem Solving Courts, making it possible for them to provide small, tangible incentives to Program  
participants who keep their promises and reach important milestones on the road to turning their lives around.  Additionally, small  
items like toys and diapers are being provided to the Courts as incentives for defendants to support positive improvements in  
This corporation seeks to raise funds through Grants and Donations, which are then used to support the work of the "Problem Solving Courts" of the Maricopa County Superior Court.

Funds raised are principally used to provide various rewards, like movie tickets and gas cards as motivational incentives to promote successful participant behavior.

Participants in Problem Solving Courts, for example,  are required to achieve compliance with requirements such as extended periods of employment, abstinence from drugs/alcohol, and participation in treatment.